Friday, September 2, 2011

Around and about–Photos of things

I haven’t had much time lately to make something new and exciting and cohesive as a post lately. Hopefully that will change sometime soon. In the meantime, here are some photos from the week, which will hopefully entertain you enough to continue being the semi-frequent visitors that you are.

First off, it’s our resident guard hummingbird. This rather arrogant chap has taken to roosting near our feeder and chasing off any other potential diners. He’s kind of an ass like that.

We call him “Boss.”

hummingbeans 032

Ah, such simple clean ingredients. Bean sprouts. Onion. I rather liked the way this photo came together. Unfortunately I didn’t take that many afterwards. So for now, you can wonder what exactly I did with these.

hummingbeans 001

An experiment. Root beer barbecue sauce with chicken. The taste was good where the sauce was, but the meat itself needs a good amount of brining to maintain balance throughout the dish.

hummingbeans 004

This is half of a jackfruit. It might somewhat resemble a durian, but at the same time it is not at all, aside from being a somewhat spiny tropical fruit that offers a credible threat as bludgeoning/piercing damage.

hummingbeans 042

Unlike the creamy interior of the durian, what you have instead is an array of convenient “bulbs.” The smell is much less offensive than the durian, but I hear that some people still dislike it. I have no problems however, and the often firm sweetness of the jackfruit is a winning combination in my book. You will need a good thin knife and a healthy amount of oil if you don’t want this fruit to make a “sap” out of you though. It’s a real sticky situation.

hummingbeans 043

Finally here’s Fran, who refused to give me a cute face. Instead, it’s trollface for all of you!

hummingbeans 037