Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now's a good a time as any for some excuses.

Hi everyone. I feel deep deep guilt for not posting much recently.

But worry not everyone, I have EXCUSES!

I got the flu last week. It was miserable and I was lucky to have a beautiful wonderful gal take care of me.

I also have been packing like a madman and moving down to Hawthorne as well. I should be just about done with the packing and shipping out of my apartment. Not having electricity is a real doozy when it comes to packing!

Anyway, Hawthorne, in spite of its geographical distance from my work, I think should have positive effects upon my cooking. The kitchen is marginally bigger, and with a new mindset I can organize it in a bit more form friendly fashion.

And I'm close to these great ethnic markets where I can get food much cheaper than I ever did in Santa Monica. So! We shall see how this progresses. I look forward to updating much more regularly, and with perhaps more of a... regional flair?

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