Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the love of pitties - Public Service Announcement

Now for something completely different.  It's a great story on its own if you don't want to hear me ramble on it so you can skip my post and just go right there.

Look at this beautiful specimen of a goggie! Her name is Precious and she takes care of her owner Sande. Among other things, she is able to tell Sande, who is diabetic and legally blind, about the status of her blood sugar. Talk about a great kid! I could only imagine having children this useful and adorable.

Unfortunately, this friend of a friend is in a real bind due to harsh economic times. Precious needs some surgery which Sande can't afford due to being unemployed. Being legally blind that makes getting a job even harder, so it's truly heartbreaking that conditions have rendered her unable to take care of her baby the way Precious has taken care of her. So if you could lend a few bucks, or just spread the word a bit we could go a long way in helping a good cause that's close to home for so many of us. Here's the url once again in case you haven't clicked any of the links earlier

So please lend a paw! Please?

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