Friday, June 24, 2011

Ginger ale part 2 - Flavor is good, fizz lacking

After much waiting, prodding and squeezing and a long night of chilling, the results are in.

So much promise! A glorious pale yellow liquid glowing in the late morning sun, it spoke to me of glorious fizzy delights, delicious cocktails and a ginger explosion. 

After cracking it open carefully however, the rather muted pop of gas released from the cap signaled that something had not gone exactly according to plan. Taking a whiff, the smell seemed wonderful. A pure, sweet ginger smell that one rarely gets from a commercial product.

But the pour, and lack of bubbling fizzy popping indicated that resulted, indicated that the carbonation did not  come about as powerfully as I had hoped. Most likely my use of a baker's yeast that was not as fresh as it could be was the leading culprit in the result.

Still, waste not, want not. The taste is great. It is clear, gingery, sweet and smooth. I still think there's good potential as a mixer, or just a simple (perhaps now too simple) summer drink. It's more of a "ginger-ade" than a ginger ale.

Onto new methods before trying this method again with a newer batch of yeast. Next, the ginger syrup method!

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