Monday, August 15, 2011

Black bean, gluten free brownies.

beanbrownies 087

Skepticism. This is the word that best describes what I thought when my awesome cousin Jamie told me about this recipe from 101cookbooks. I mean, brownies, with black beans? Well, it took me a few years but I decided to finally get around to it. Helpful since I was going to a few events after making these where there would be some folks with gluten allergies.

They were ranked rather well actually, in case you were wondering.

The ingredients are straightforward: chocolate, butter, black beans, vanilla, instant coffee, honey, walnuts, sea salt and eggs.

beanbrownies 026

The chocolate is unsweetened. Pure and more towards the bitter end of things. If I try this recipe again I may look into some other chocolate to see how the results compare.

beanbrownies 031

Unsalted butter is added.

beanbrownies 032

And mixed and melted thanks to the wonderful technology of microwaves.

beanbrownies 037

Nuts, chopped.

beanbrownies 035

Black beans and a share of the nuts are tossed into a food processor.

beanbrownies 041

Along with some vanilla..

beanbrownies 042

And a bit of the chocolate mix.

beanbrownies 043

And turned into a pulse. I have to admit things started to smell quite good at this stage, a nice chocolatey and nutty smell. The taste wasn’t quite there with the lack of sugar to cut the bitterness of unsweetened chocolate however.

beanbrownies 044beanbrownies 045

Hark, unsuspecting pristine melted butter chocolate liquid.

beanbrownies 046

Is pillaged by a rampaging band of chopped nuts.

beanbrownies 048

And instant coffee. The humanity!

beanbrownies 049

This mixture is stirred together to make a smooth liquid and set aside.

beanbrownies 051

Four eggs.

beanbrownies 052

Beat it!

beanbrownies 053

And add the honey or agave nectar. I had honey on hand.

beanbrownies 056

And beat them together.

beanbrownies 060

Next put the chocolate liquid into a bowl.

beanbrownies 062

And start working in the puree. Yes, I am aware it looks quite lovely. It gets better.

beanbrownies 064

Then the egg/honey or agave mixture is added in. But save a little bit of it!

beanbrownies 065

beanbrownies 066

Once well mixed, pour into a baking pan lined with greased parchment paper.

beanbrownies 067

The remaining egg mixture is drizzled on top for looks.

beanbrownies 069

Sort of? Is this art deco? Americana? I know nothing about art.

beanbrownies 070

Bake and voila. Black bean brownies.

beanbrownies 078

And here’s a piece all by it’s solitary lonesome.

beanbrownies 082

It is quite fudgy and very soft.

beanbrownies 083

With a rich chocolate flavor. If you’re expecting that resistance that a well baked brownie will give you, you might very well be disappointed, but taken on it’s own merits, the black bean brownie is definitely worth a look.

beanbrownies 084

For the recipe, please check it out on Heidi’s lovely blog, 101cookbooks.

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