Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Four! Seven Days of Alton Brown: Being Vanilla Isn’t Always a Bad Thing.

The title isn’t a commentary on the racial majority of the United States, but it could be if that somehow enhances your perception of this blog. If it isn’t, well that’s your problem.

The real subject is that of the wonderful vanilla wafer, a big standby of my childhood and brings back the memory of those boxed cookies in the yellow box. These homemade versions are far far better. Crispy, a bit crumbly, buttery, and with just the right amount of sweet and vanilla. Absolutely amazing when still warm. Are you sold yet?

With this in mind we shall pursue the vanilla wafer application, brought to you by the one and only Alton Brown.

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Bananapudding 000

For this application the following ingredients are necessary kosher salt, sugar, vanilla extract, flour (7 oz.) milk (whole preferred, but 2% worked fine for me) butter (4 oz, or a stick, room temperature) one egg, and baking powder.

As for the hardware, you’ll need two baking sheets, some parchment or wax paper, a mixer with a paddle attachment, and something to sift the flour.

Bananapudding 001

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

For sifting I use the hitting a sieve method. Handy for those of us without real sifters. I’ve also just put the flour into a bowl and whisked the heck out of it, hoping for the best, and it has worked well.

Bananapudding 002

The baking powder and kosher salt should be sifted in too. For me that just means whisking them in after the fact.

Bananapudding 003

We shall also need 3.5 ounces of granulated sugar.

Bananapudding 005

We will cream the stick of butter into the sugar, using the paddle attachment.

Bananapudding 006

Medium speed, one minute, scrape down the sides, continue for another minute.

Bananapudding 008

Add egg, medium speed, 30 seconds.

Bananapudding 010

Looks a bit disastrous… do not worry, it gets better.

Bananapudding 011

Add the tablespoon of milk.

Bananapudding 014

And the four teaspoons of vanilla.

Bananapudding 015

Mix briefly (15 seconds.)

Bananapudding 016

And then the flour. Here’s a tip. Take out the paddle first so that you don’t have to brush the flour off of it.

Bananapudding 017

This is what happens if you don’t. You need to brush this off before mixing it up a bit more like I had to.

Bananapudding 018

Here’s another place you can deviate from me. When Alton says a teaspoon measure per cookie, he means it. I thought a heaping teaspoon or even close to two teaspoons was good.

Bananapudding 019

This yields considerably less than the 70 cookies the application should yield. A pretty efficient way to go about the teaspoon method is to use a teaspoon measure and the handle of one of those tiny ice cream spoons, the perfect size to scrape out the tiny cookie dough ball.

Arrange two oven racks in the top and bottom thirds of oven, placing a tray on each. Alton suggests 15-20 minutes rotating tray positions halfway through. I found that switching the trays at 8 minutes and continuing to bake for 9 minutes more was optimal on my second runthrough of this application.

Bananapudding 020

And here we are, vanilla wafers. Prepare to be transported briefly to a somewhat improved version of your childhood, with perhaps a slight addition of guilt that wasn’t there. But ignore it for now.

Bananapudding 021

It’s worth it. Thanks again to AB, I have to say that this turned out to really be Good Eats.

Bananapudding 025

By the way, you haven’t seen the last of these cookies.
Here’s a hint.

Bananapudding 040

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