Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Six of Seven Days of Alton Brown: Time for a Healthy Snack, Good Eats Style! Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas

Hello again and thanks for checking out Cast Iron Therapy, where I’ve been trying out a number of Alton Brown’s applications from his latest book, Good Eats 3. So far we’ve tried such delicious things as miso soup, hoecakes, and the extremely popular baked banana pudding.

We’re going to take a brief step away from the sumptuousness of the last post, and making a rather healthy snack, with a very simple process if requiring a long amount of soaking time: Salt and Vinegar Roasted chickpeas, or garbanzos if you prefer.

As always, this application has been adapted from Good Eats 3.

The first step requires one pound of dried chickpeas (aka garbanzos.)

misoandchickpeas 034

Pour them into a bowl.

misoandchickpeas 035

And cover with enough water to cover by two inches and let soak overnight.

misoandchickpeas 038

Two inches is right! This was quite the growth in volume.

misoandchickpeas 042

A closer shot to see just how much these things have plumped up, sorry about the glare.

misoandchickpeas 041

Drain the chickpeas while assembling the other stuff.

Oh, important edit! (thanks reddit) now is a great time to preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

misoandchickpeas 052

To season the snack, we shall be calling upon kosher salt, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard and olive oil. Honey dijon isn’t quite right, but I wasn’t going to go buy another condiment to take up precious space in the kitchen.

misoandchickpeas 056

We will also need a small, sturdy container with a lid.

misoandchickpeas 057

To this we will combine one teaspoon of salt.

misoandchickpeas 058

A quarter cup of red wine vinegar.

misoandchickpeas 062

And one teaspoon of mustard.

misoandchickpeas 063

Shake vigorously!

misoandchickpeas 066

Add one tablespoon of olive oil.

misoandchickpeas 067

And shake vigorously again.

misoandchickpeas 072

Pour this mixture into the chickpeas and mix well to coat.

misoandchickpeas 075

Spread out onto a baking sheet. Foil isn’t really necessary, but I try to keep things tidy. You’ll need the mixing bowl again so don’t clean it out.

misoandchickpeas 078

Roast for one hour, tossing every fifteen minutes until they look a bit like this. Be brave and test a few, or maybe with a knife to ensure adequate crunchiness. If they aren’t adequately crisp another five minutes will help.

misoandchickpeas 079

Pour the chickpeas back into the mixing bowl and add another teaspoon of red wine vinegar.

misoandchickpeas 080

And a half teaspoon of kosher salt, and then give it a good mixing to incorporate the seasoning.

misoandchickpeas 081

Then return them to the baking sheet and spread them out to cool. Then enjoy as a healthier alternative to potato chips and corn nuts.

misoandchickpeas 087

Verdict? Not bad at all! These protein filled snacks definitely satisfy in the fills you up sort of way, but I think that I’d like to soak them in salt water next time to ensure more even and penetrating seasoning.

Still, this was a fun project, and pretty Good Eats!


  1. delicious looking recipe! i may have missed it, but what temp should the oven be?

  2. What a mistake to miss! Sorry, this is in a 400 degree oven. *post edited*

  3. Would canned chickpeas work?

  4. Hey, there's another recipe out there which I didn't use, but it will probably work! Can't vouch for the results though.

  5. This actually sounds pretty darned tasty. I, um, may have to try it. ^_^ (I mean, how can you go wrong with this recipe?)

  6. Pretty tough to go wrong! Just gotta keep on checking after each fifteen minutes :)

  7. How should these be stored? I'm guessing refrigerated.

    1. Heya! Depends on how fast you plan on eating them. If just say, two days, they'll keep at room temperature in an airtight container. Beyond that, refrigerating would be recommended.