Friday, October 21, 2011

The Third Day of Seven Days of Alton Brown: Miso Soup!

Yesterday we made some Dashi. Now to put it to good use by using it to make some miso soup. If you’ve ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant, you’ve probably had a serving of this lovely soup, with it’s light cloudiness filled of goodness, with a wonderful warming quality to it. And apparently good for dealing with radiation sickness according to various sources (two links!)

Lots of healthy stuff in this application for sure. Two quarts of Dashi, 1 12 oz. block of tofu for protein, red and white miso, and some scallions for color and texture.

misoandchickpeas 001

Tofu will need some preparation before getting started on the other stuff, because everything after this goes really fast.

misoandchickpeas 007

Double wrap it in paper towels.

misoandchickpeas 008.7

Then cover with a plate and weight down with one 28 ounce can. These two fourteen ounce cans had to do for me.

misoandchickpeas 008.75

After twenty minutes of pressing take it out and slice into quarter inch cubes.

misoandchickpeas 008.80

misoandchickpeas 009.1

Now for the fun part. This will be really fast if you’ve freshly made some Dashi. Put it on medium heat, medium high if cold. At 100 F, reserve a cup for the next step.

misoandchickpeas 010

I halved the recipe so this is just a half cup by the by.

misoandchickpeas 012

Now add some miso. Six tablespoons of dark.

misoandchickpeas 013

Two tablespoons of white.

misoandchickpeas 014

Whisk it together thoroughly.

misoandchickpeas 016

Once your Dashi hits a simmer, add in the cup of miso mixture and mix thoroughly!

misoandchickpeas 020

Then add the tofu and scallions and heat through, about a minute or so.

misoandchickpeas 021

Then serve and enjoy!

misoandchickpeas 024

A great application, warm, earthy and delicious. If you’re in the mood for some meatless umami that you can slurp, this is the AB application for you!

misoandchickpeas 025

Thanks for joining me and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

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