Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Post

Hi everyone, yesterday was a success. I had to feed 28 people and pulled it off quite well, handling a great deal of the preparations.

My own responsibilities were two turkeys, gravy, cranberry conserve (basically sauce), mashed sweet potatoes and the dessert, persimmon tarts.

The other prepared dishes were salad, which my mom took care of, and I guess what you would call a Pomegranate Fizz which my dad was in charge of (though I did most of the seeding there.)

There was also bread and corn, nothing fancy there. Now for the food porn!

First the big contenders:

My family’s Char Siu style marinated bird.

Thanksgiving 144

Here’s a better angle if a worse picture, sorry about the blur. Fending off six children demanding turkey skin is challenging.

Thanksgiving 164

And here’s my “Cajun” brined turkey. The original recipe triumphs over the traditional in flavor! Go me.

Thanksgiving 165

What’s this? A roux, with celery and onions, which will go with the following:

Thanksgiving 160

Turkey stock and pan drippings…

Thanksgiving 161

To make a very striking dark gravy.

Thanksgiving 163

To balance the intensity of the gravy, a cranberry conserve.

Thanksgiving 007

Stuffing! Sorry for the not very attractive globs of turkey fat on it, I forgot to take a picture after putting this in to crisp it up a bit more and let the delicious turkey fat baste it.

Thanksgiving 149

I had a brief moment to take a picture mid-meal.


And for dessert, some freshly baked persimmon tarts.

Thanksgiving 170

Extremely well received by the family.

Thanksgiving 173

Let me know if you want more clarity on anything here.

How did everyone else’s Thanksgiving dinners go?

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