Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pureeing Pumpkins for Pie

Thanksgiving is just over the horizon, so if you have some time, it is the perfect time to prepare for pumpkin pies. Ideally, with actual pumpkin you prepare yourself!

First off, don’t use those huge Jack-o’-Lantern pumpkins. Small baking pumpkins are what we’re after. Then preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.

hikefoodlove 060

Split in half carefully with a cleaver. And perhaps on the floor to avoid damaging your nice countertops.

hikefoodlove 061

After removing seeds, sprinkle the pumpkin halves with kosher salt.

hikefoodlove 068

Lay the pieces cut side down on parchment paper and roast for thirty to forty-five minutes.

hikefoodlove 069

They’re ready when you can stab them easily with a knife!

hikefoodlove 070

They will also look like this.

hikefoodlove 073

Scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

hikefoodlove 074

And put into a food processor and puree it, which takes about three minutes or so.

hikefoodlove 078

Interestingly one of the pairs of skin really kept its shape, while the other one, not so much.

hikefoodlove 079

And voila, some lovely pulp to make pumpkin pie fillings. Refrigerate or freeze until you’re ready to you.

hikefoodlove 082

Stay tuned for two upcoming recipes, a real head to head match up between very different recipes.

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