Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cat Iron Therapy! Shout out to the Lange Foundation.

Oh Fran, you silly little monster. Another break from the cooking aspect and perhaps a little bit more on the therapy aspect. Pets are great therapy! They are fluffy and pretty tolerant of being made fun of since they don’t understand you.

I picked up Fran from the Lange Foundation in Santa Monica when I was living down south. They do good work, so if you’re down that way and need a little more furball in your life, I recommend it.

Look, she’s hugging my foot! What a cutie!

tresleches 002

Wait a second! My socks aren’t food! This actually is pretty fun since she doesn’t really hurt me.

tresleches 003

I think the edit to the following picture is necessary.

tresleches 004lolcat

But in the end, it looks like she’s a bit embarrassed. Silly cat.

tresleches 005

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