Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warning Bad Milk Jokes Ahead! But Tres Leches Cake Too!

This dessert is LEGEN-DAIRY! Hey don’t have a cow! It’s just my nature to milk a joke as much as I can. Ok, don’t hit me!  I’m done for the time being. This is a recipe for Tres Leches Cake found from the cooking section of the one and only (and very lovely) Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman.

I’ve been meaning to do a dessert post for a while, and this seemed like a real winner. Simple ingredients, a direct presentation and likely a sweet clean taste. And I got to stab the cake with a fork too.

Please check out Ree’s website for the recipe, and enjoy the photos and vague directions!tresleches 001

Some fun and interesting ingredients. Flour, eggs, condensed milk, baking powder, milk, whipping cream (Heavy would be better! Dammit grocery stores stock it!), evaporated milk, vanilla, salt and sugar (not pictured).

tresleches 008

Greased two pans instead of one in order to make better use of fridge space. I need to invest in some nonstick spray as well...

tresleches 010

Mix together the dry ingredients and set aside.

tresleches 017

Separate the eggs.

tresleches 012

Add sugar.

tresleches 013

Beat til a lovely pale yellow.

tresleches 014

Add vanilla and marvel at how unattractive it is!

tresleches 018

Then beat it again.

tresleches 019

Slowly add egg mixture to dry ingredients.

tresleches 021

And mix in lightly.

tresleches 022

Egg whips whipped to soft peaks.

tresleches 023

Don’t be a dunderhead like me and stop the mixer to add sugar though. Keep it going!

tresleches 026

Still, seems to have turned out ok. Stiff, but not dry.

tresleches 031

Fold into the batter gently.

tresleches 032

Pour into your pan(s). Then bake!

tresleches 033

Mix together all these wonderful three milks. Well, two milks and a cream.

tresleches 035tresleches 037

Too hard to hold a milk jug and take a photo, so deal with it! Ah, baking a success! I think.

tresleches 039

After the sponge cake cools, it is time for some stabbity stabbity!

tresleches 041

Looks all right to me.

tresleches 042

Add the Tres Leches!

tresleches 043

Yes, all of it, really! It will soak in. I actually could have used a bit more of this milk mixture according to my taste testers.

tresleches 044

Smells goooooood.

tresleches 045

So good.

tresleches 046

So good! So good! I got you! Hey!

tresleches 047

Oops, a bit off topic. Time to whip some cream while that milk soaks into the cake.

tresleches 049

Tada. Magic! A bit off, but not bad. I didn’t remove the cake from the pans by the way due to a rather stingy refrigerator real estate agent. It still works fine this way though, so this method may be a bit more convenient for those of you who want to save a cake.

tresleches 050

And now pictures of cake.

tresleches 051

These were udder-ly  (needed to get one more in) delicious! Creamy, milky, sweet, somewhat custardy in the right ways.

tresleches 055

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