Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Encounters in the Wild–Exotic New Ingredient!

Raccoon 007

Here at Cast Iron Therapy, we’ll do anything to secure new and exciting goods for the latest in food trends! Looks delicious doesn’t it?

Just kidding, this has nothing to do with cooking, but it does take a bit of stress off of the household and the garden. We’ve had an intruder digging up all sorts of things in the backyard, and hopefully this will keep him from coming back.

Raccoon 008

Charming bastard isn’t he? Or maybe a she, I didn’t really check.

Raccoon 014

Anyway this backyard vandal was released at a regional park where raccoons live, so hopefully it won’t be coming back, and is happier doing what raccoons should be doing, rather than tearing up our plants.

Raccoon 016

Sorry, no racc00n cuisine folks!

Raccoon 020

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