Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slicing Bell Peppers

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Consider the bell pepper. Tangy, crunchy, perhaps a little on the sweet side. Handy raw, roasted, baked, stuffed, and any other assortment of preparations. And quite a healthy vegetable as well! In other words, a great ingredient.

Here’s a handy technique for when your recipes call for sliced bell peppers. I think many people would slice straight down the middle and work from there, but here’s a different method. Think of the pepper as a box, and then slice off the sides.  Given the rather bumpy nature of the bell pepper, this may seem counterintuitive at first, but observe and you shall see the greatness of method.

Grasp your bell pepper firmly and confidently, and hold your knife over the bell pepper, just to the side of the stem, then slice downwards. 

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You now have taken off a “side” of the bell pepper’s “box.” Turn the bell pepper 90 degrees, and repeat the process again, and again.

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Now you have some pretty flat pieces of pepper, ready to be sliced into strips fairly easily. A lot of the inner pith is avoided this way as well! That little end piece to the left can be dealt with however you wish.

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I notice red bell peppers tend to be a bit more triangular rather than the more apple shaped green bell peppers. So rather than cutting them four times, reduce to three.

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Two! (Kind of a weird cut given the extreme divot in one side)

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Another advantage to this method is how easy it is to stack the slices.

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Place them on top of each other. And cut into some pretty even strips.

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Tada! And that’s your handy tip for the day.

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