Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter Edition–Two Butter Beers on the House.

Drinks 001

Well, it’s the end of an era I suppose. The books have been read, and now the movies have all been released. I’m speaking of the Harry Potter series of course.

I’ve many memories of times spent with this series, starting by dubiously listening to a friend telling me her mom was reading it, then deciding I should get into it as well. I burnt through three of the books to catch up then eager awaited the fourth. Spending a few lovely days in July to finish the Goblet of Fire. Reading The Order of the Phoenix by the Clinique counter at the UC Davis Bookstore while chatting with my friend who worked there. Gasping collectively at finding out what happened at the end of The Half Blood Prince. And cheering (silently) in my head with various spoilerish things etc etc Deathly Hallows.

I suppose there’s something to look forward to with this somewhat mysterious Pottermore thing, and I’m hopeful that great things shall result. But at any rate, this is a rather notable milestone for the world of Harry Potter, so here’s a few mugs of butterbeer for everyone.

I tried two different recipes, so if you’d like to see them check out the very cool thebakedbeen and then check out the recipe on Mugglenet.

I opted to try the more complex recipe first. With sugar, vanilla, a pinch of salt, milk, heavy cream (had to use heavy whipping cream sadly) and butter, it sounded amazing, but would it work? Also, special thanks to my friend Janis who was my photographer and fellow Deathly Hallows cohort.

Drinks 013

Sugar is melted over medium heat at first, with the help of a rather distracting forearm.

Drinks 015

It’ll slowly melt, and perhaps clump up, but don’t worry!

Drinks 016

This! This is the perfect color to add the butter.

Drinks 017

I added it here though, which might be slightly late, due to fumbling around a bit. Still, it worked out! Don’t worry!

Drinks 018

It’ll slowly melt in… oh the goodness….

Drinks 019

And the cream! It’s a sauce, a glorious buttery sweet sauce.

Drinks 020

Not the best picture, but you get the idea. It’s goodness. It’s… magic? Ok, set aside the magic and resist diving in. Because you’ll probably burn yourself.

Drinks 021

In a pot, heat up some milk over medium heat. Add vanilla.

Drinks 023

Once it simmers… add that delicious delicious goodness.

Drinks 025

All of it.

Drinks 026

A rather nice color and aroma hm…

Drinks 028

And whisk it if you don’t have an immersion blender…. hrm this is taking a while.

Drinks 030

Screw it! If you’ve got the hardware that will work, use it.

Drinks 032

Damn skippy.

Drinks 033

Got the mixture nice and frothy.

Drinks 034

Oh  yes. That’s right. Glorious buttery frothy milk concoction.

Drinks 036

A very very nice warm drink. I could see having a glass of this while sitting by a fire and reading a good book. And then perhaps guiltily hitting the treadmill afterwards.

Drinks 038

Will the much simpler contender win though? This is really all you need. Butterscotch topping, a cream soda (or club soda), a little bit of butter.

Drinks 041

That’s…. an awful lot of butterscotch.

Drinks 042

Oh well, we’re committed. Bit of butter goes in, and the lot goes into a microwave.

Drinks 045

It was bubbling like nuts, but died down by the time I got it out to take a picture. I’m hopeful! Let it rest for a half minute.

Drinks 046

Oh yeah! It’s bubbly! But is this really enough liquid to syrup here?

Drinks 047

I whisked this vigorously to get the syrup incorporated, but this was such a pretty picture.

Drinks 048

And there it is, my second cup of butterbeer. Verdict? If I wondered why there was so much butterscotch topping before, I was utterly aghast by now. The taste going down is good until the finish hits you. It is overwhelmingly butterscotchy sweet, and for me at least, that’s not a good thing. Maybe club soda instead would have cut some of the sweetness, but I really think this would do better with… much less topping. It did have some fizz though, which the first wanted, but not nearly enough to even be in competition.

Drinks 050

I loved thebakedbeen's version. Check out Sabeen’s blog, it’s a winner!

Once again, a toast to the end of a great literary journey and a notable film adaptation. Think I just might start reading the whole thing again tomorrow..

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  1. I'm so honored that you tried and enjoyed my butterbeer recipe! Thank you so much for the kind words! It was a pleasure to read your post, and your blog! :)