Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pizza Can be a Little Healthier if You Try!

Summer, a time to be totally lazy. That's why this post is a blatant recycle of previously blogged posts with a slight difference. At any rate, eating more vegetables seems to be popular among health circles, so I figure a great way to eat more vegetables is to put them on pizza. Broccoli in particular works great on pizza, along with the staples of mushroom and red bell pepper. Observe.

Mushrooms, bell pepper and broccoli are sliced up into appropriate pieces. Mushrooms and bell peppers have are pretty forgiving in terms of thickness, but the broccoli should be sliced thinner in order for the heat of the oven to brown the florets and soften the stems. Ideally, the broccoli will seemingly melt into the cheese. 

(Note: this is assuming an oven temperature of 500 degrees F or higher. The oven I use goes up to 540.)

Toss everything into a boil with a liberal dousing of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Assemble the pizza  as per usual.

And enjoy your pizzas. These pizzas would have been completely vegetarian if not for some ham, which was requested by one of the fussier eaters today.

Is this really all that healthy? Well, it cuts some of the fat of the more luxurious meats, so healthier, but I wouldn't go all the way to call it a health food. But that's not the point of pizza is it?

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